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Meet Mary Eileen


Feet in the sand, Head in the clouds...

I'm a Honolulu based photographer, environmental activist, and ocean lover. I can't get enough of sunny days, bulldog snuggles...or Mexican food. Get to know me better below!

I believe there's no problem that can't be solved by stuffing yourself through a wave.


I'm Mary Eileen! I live a short bike ride out of iconic Waikiki. Most days you'll find me walking barefoot down one of our beautiful south shore beaches, rubbish bucket in hand. I am a puppy snuggling, beach cleaning, family loving mermaid. I live for my momma's refried beans and cheap wine. Most days I can't believe this is my real life.

My photography style is like my life: Vivid, Authentic and Passionate. I am NOT a "light and airy" girl and my photography style reflects that. Give me a rainbow or a rainstorm and watch what I can do! I will do almost anything to make you feel comfortable, because that's what family is all about-and I want to be a part of yours! From the location of your session, to the clothing you wear and finally the products you choose to display your images on, I walk you through the process, making it comfortable and easy so that you can enjoy yourself.


To me "family" means making it work, no matter what. We can make any situation look beautiful and authentic if we work together. I promise you, I've seen it all throughout the years! I come to your home, help you make crucial design decisions, and assist you in picking the best art for your lifestyle so that the whole process is worry-free and you leave with gorgeous, heirloom products that will last a lifetime and beyond.

We all change so quickly! Babies grow, people pass on, and each year brings new lines to our faces. I want you to look back at your photos, years from now, and see not some "cookie cutter" version of a sitcom family, but yours. Your BIG (or small), BOLD, crazy-BEAUTIFUL, family. I want you to smile at the memory of our time together when you look back at how much has changed...or hasn't. There's always that one member of our ohana. You know the one lol.


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Tel: 808-853-9296


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